7 month catch upĀ 

Sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged, I’d made the decision when I came back from my Xmas trip that I didn’t need tinkerbellknits anymore, that I wasn’t her anymore.

That’s not to say I’ve given up knitting, far from it – I’ve made myself another steeked Kate Davies cardigan, made a friend’s new baby a cardigan, endless socks and mittens for presents for people and while I’ve yet to finish my own quilt I have made one for a friends wedding present which may be simple but I’m very proud of it. 

All that and endless adventures aside, I can’t suppress the need to write honestly. To be more than just the adventures. To say – that while I finally love being single and the freedom I have, I don’t like the stigma that comes with it, even from friends. 

My best friend is constantly trying to fix me up with someone as she feels sorry for me, and my relationship status is the first thing she asks me about when we meet up. 

And I hate male friends who try sympathy when they’re drunk and tell me it’s because I’m quiet or lack self confidence and say things they think will cheer me up but only make it more obvious I’m alone. The worst are those that say I’m more outspoken when I’m drunk and it’s nice that I am- as if they’re being nice but really pointing out I’m naturally quiet. Yea I’m a thinking not a talker. 

I hate being judged for being single. Why do I have to be in a relationship? I know a few single girls who genuinely are unhappy being single. I was once. 

As much as I genuinely love being single for the massive freedom I have (which I’m making the most of), I hate the moments I feel alone. 

I’ve no time to think often as I’m so busy having fun doing stuff I’ve always wanted to do, but I hate that I’ve not been on a date in 2 years. 2 years since anyone flirted with me or I with them, 2 years since I had a hug from someone not a friend or family. 2 years since I was kissed. When I think like that I hate that I’m in my mid 30s and feel like I’m the only single person in the world. 

So tinkerbellknits does still exist however much I’ve tried to bury her beneath the fun – I’m mostly alone but rarely lonely, and I wish that people could deal with that- it’s not a choice but I’m still relishing in the opportunity. 

So, I’ll keep knitting and recommend you all support the single girls in your life just by telling them they’re amazing every now and then, don’t make them feel bad about being single and keep them smiling when others make them feel down. 

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December patchwork challenge – red four corners

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Happy Christmas!! I’m jetting off on holiday very soon so this is the last you’ll hear from me in 2015. So happy new year too!! Here is the final patchwork pattern for this year which by some fluke I’ve managed … Continue reading

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The last of the Christmas knitting

I bragged a while ago that I’d finished my Christmas knitting, but then I forgot the decoration swap that we do at my local knitting circle. 

I created this lovely little penguin from a really old Jean Greenhowe toy book I had. But then I decided he was too cute, and he’s now sat on my book shelf.   

So I set about knitting the Alan Dart troll pattern as a Santa Claus. The first version was a little too big, so I made a second smaller one.  

I’m disappearing off the radar now as I decided not not spend the long Christmas break I get from work, mostly on my own after a couple of days wi family. So I’m heading off on holiday, merry Christmas to you all x

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If I’m making art it has to be sheep

I made this a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot to share pictures – I love sheep and the chance to bang a piece of wood with nails and then create something pretty was just too tempting. This lovely … Continue reading

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November patchwork challenge – orange peace and plenty

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Since this month’s block has not arrived from Helen, our block of the month queen, I decided to randomly pick one myself so I had chance to get something sewn this weekend. So it serves me right that this month’s … Continue reading

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Raising Agents

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I’m hungover this morning, yet thanks to the clocks going back I’m still out of bed for 7.30am. But it was a really good night out so its ok that I feel a bit rough around the edges this morning. … Continue reading

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Addicted to mountains…. And knitting

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Phew! Not only have a finally finished the tincanknits north shore jumper I started back in late August, but it’s also a perfect fit!!! I did have an issue with the sleeves being far too baggy initially, but then the … Continue reading

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