Wonders of silk

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Mum has reached a milestone birthday today- it would be unfair of me to give away her age but I was 33 a few weeks ago so you can guess! We have a lovely evening planned for her but I … Continue reading

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Knits in progress and where is the sunshine?

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Oh dear. I have been really slack at writing recently. It’s not like I have been distracted by anything except work so I have no excuse. Since it’s currently raining and the garden can’t distract me I thought I’d better … Continue reading

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Purple morning star – patchwork challenge

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I feel like I managed to have a very productive weekend and whilst I didn’t sit down and sew my August block in one go, I did get it finished. I bought this fabric on a recent trip to Scotland … Continue reading

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Finally finished foxglove!

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It’s taken a long time to knit this gorgeous cardigan. I love Kate Davies designs and having never done a fair isle garment I thought this would be a good first project as there’s not too much colour work. It … Continue reading

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August patchwork challenge – morning star

Oh dear sorry for the delay! Got a wee bit distracted with a holiday in Scotland and Helen who provides us with the patterns has also been away, and needed prompting for our challenge. I have no idea when I’ll get around to sewing this, it was goingto be  done tonight but a combination of finishing work late and lacking the motivation, it’s not happened. I do however have some gorgeous fabric to make it. 

Morning star 


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Thinking about Christmas …?

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I know – it’s unthinkable to be discussing Christmas in July. These sun has only just come out for heaven sake! Although if you are a knitter like me you’re probably half thinking about it by planning presents. If not, … Continue reading

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Elderflower Cordial

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The best bit about having Ted this week has been having a reason to go out twice a day for a walk. I love walking but by the time I get home from work its hard to find the will … Continue reading

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