Rowan’s donegal has been my nightmare!

I made the crucial mistake of assuming that i would look exactly like the rowan model once I’d knitted this. I then made the second mistake of assuming that I could easily knit it in a different yarn.

I opted to knit this in Freedom Echo as it is a similar-ish yarn to the Rowan but significantly cheaper, as much as i love Rowan yarn its just a bit too expensive. It does mean I’ve dropped a needle size to get the right tension.

25 march

I’ve finished the front and just about finished the back. I’m hoping my cabling neatens out once it is blocked. I have been toying with doing plain sleeves as its taken 4 weeks to get this far!

I’m also not sure i really like the Freedom Echo – its like knitting with string, not nice at all. So I’m also hoping it softens when its washed.

12 April

Well, its finished and i did cable the sleeves in the end. I washed it rather than just blocking it and quite a lot of dye came out despite washing it in cold water.

All in all its not a fun pattern to knit and not a nice yarn either for this type of project. Its not a very soft cotton. Despite that the top does looks good with a long top underneath. Even if i don’t look like the Rowan model on the pattern!


If your interested in attempting this pattern, (good luck!) details can be found on raverly

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6 Responses to Rowan’s donegal has been my nightmare!

  1. The cables look great and the color is gorgeous.

    I have a very difficult time knitting sweaters for myself but I’d like to try cables…maybe for the grandkids.

  2. Thanks x
    It is a gorgeous pattern, but it certainly takes patience. I’d agree, knitting cables for children is definitely a better idea!

  3. mazzaus says:

    It is so frustrating to find you don’t look like the model once you’ve knit the jumper/sewn the pants….! I have that problem all the time myself!

    I think you look great in that jumper. What wonderful cables.

  4. I often write patterns that can be knitted in any make of yarn, but the tension has to spot-on. I know this pattern, it’s very complicated – well done you for seeing it through. And I think the finished result is splendid – congratulations – Susan

    • Thank you!
      I think getting the tension right is where i go wrong with patterns. If its not a simple knit stitch then my maths ability fails me.
      So I’m certainly impress you write your own patterns, would love to see some x

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