The right way to avoid jogging

The link I post the other day didn’t have the right effect on avoiding the jog in my stripes I’m knitting circular. However I thankfully got advice from the knitting circle last night which was much more effective. ~(the knitting circle solves the problem of the circular knitting…)

This shows the effect post any remedy, as you can see the stripes aren’t lined up:


The next photo clearly shows the effect after knitting one round in the new colour and on the second round slipping the first stitch. You end up with fewer stitches ultimately on this column of stitches which should pull up the lines so the colours meet, but it hasn’t quite worked. its also not very neat. You can clearly see the slipped stitches as they are bigger:


The trick that has worked better for me is this – instead of slipping the first stitch on the second round, go beneath the stitch your about to knit and pick up the one below, here I’m picking up the blue stitch and adding to the left needle:


knit it along with the one already on the needle:


This is the effect you end up with. There is still fewer stitches in the column but it is both neater and worked better. (There is a knit two together in the middle hence the grey stitch disappearing behind the blue).


Ta dah!!

Of course I’m too bloody lazy to unpick the other rows so they all look like this. Its a sleeve and these stitches are underneath the arm so hopefully it won’t matter. More importantly I’m hoping my mum who this is intended for doesn’t notice!

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