more negative ease than required

I’ve been knitting the ‘my little striped cardi’ pattern from Ravelry, which has been a joy to knit and is not far from finished and is looking really lovely (photos to follow).

The pattern, which has only one size, suggested that it should fit a 36 inch bust (with the note that there is 3cm of negative ease), well that’s about 1 inch. So i thought it would be perfect for my mum, (and if not it would fit me). However, despite knitting to the required tension, the cardi is currently more like 32 inches, although i do have a button band to add. But thats only meant to be 1 inch.

To check, i tried it on to work out if i needed to do a much wider button band, and its almost a perfect fit for my almost flat chested figure…. mmn unlikely to fit my mum then!

I don’t know why i continue to try to knit clothing sometimes as nothing ever is quite as it is intended.

So, in an attempt to make it big enough i’m going to do a 2 inch button band, which hopefully will look ok as the rib at the bottom is a similar length.

Fingers crossed !


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