Women who have inspired me…..

Since I’ve managed to get myself stressed out over finishing the stripy cardigan recently and an array of crocheting attempts that have resulted in giant knots, I have been thinking about all the inspirational women I have met since taking up knitting. All of whom seem to never get stressed out despite having a very hectic life beyond the needles….

My friend Gail

I met Gail when i first started knitting at a project which had been set up to transform a huge paper lantern of a mill into a woolly sculpture. Gail wasn’t running the project but was clearly fundamental to many of the ideas for ensuring it happened. There has been many patterns which Gail has translated for me and errors she has corrected. And her ability to create patterns is very inspirational.

Sam (from Cheeky Sew and Sews)

My desire to knit has always been driven by pretty patterns i want to create, and not by the practicalities of what i might create or if i can even manage it without screaming. So not long after taking up knitting a few years ago i attended an evening class which Sam organised to learn lace knitting. Ever since then it has been my pattern style of choice. Again Sam creates her own patterns as well as dyes her own yarns. http://www.etsy.com/shop/darknightsyarndreams


Any woman who has the balls to turn up to a Mountain Rescue team weekend, full of men, and get out the knitting needles amidst the evening drinks is on my  list. I was very jealous to not have done the same, but then i lack the balls!

My Grandmother, Mary

My gran died a long time ago now, but knitting makes me think of her. She always had a project on the go and i was always mesmerized by the bright red knitting machine that lived in her spare bedroom. I only wish i had been old enough/ interested enough at the time to learn how to work it and to keep it when she died. I have a lovely wooden box from her and a massive stash of knitting needles that were hers, which keeps her close to me when i knit.

My mum, Diane

Ok, so my mum is more of a quilter. But when I was younger she was quite good at knitting and she was the first person to teach me to knit, though i might have had a 20 year gap between first learning and picking up the needles again.

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