Dougal came to visit……

Mum and dad came around last night which was great as i haven’t seen Dougal for over a month.

I recently knitted Dougal a polo-neck jumper, which I’m not sure he looks that impressed with in this picture!

Dougal and his jumper

Dougal is a Labradoodle we got from a rescue centre nearly 14 years ago. He was about 8-12 months at the time, but we celebrate his birthday on the 28th July, the day we got him. Dougal is the one thing I’ve really missed since moving out of my parents home about 5 years ago (and my mums cooking).  So he’s a good excuse to regularly pop around to stay for dinner.

As he’s got older he’s taken to wearing coats more as he is getting quite thin. I was sad to see him yesterday, as he sat in my garden looking very thin and lacking the energy he used to have. He couldn’t even be bother to chase the neighbour’s cat when it dared to say hello.

Despite his age he still manages to travel more than I do, as mum and dad tour the country in their motorhome. Whilst Dougal might not walk far anymore i’m sure he’s still enjoys playing on the beaches and relaxing in the sunshine. I’m sure he’s getting more biscuits than ever from other campers too.

I was going to wait until his birthday to post this, but as I’m think I might have to knit him something special for his 14th birthday now. Any ideas?

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