The widest button band ever fixes the problem

I’d like to start by saying i loved knitting this cardigan.. . however…

mum's cardigan

Both the yarns are a delight to knit with – I used Noro silk garden sock yarn, combined with an undyed yarn from a little local yarn producer-  woollyknit (

Knitted from the top down in a yoke method there is no sewing bits together which is also a delight.

However, somewhere between using different yarns and the tension being different, the pattern (designed for a 36 inch bust) came out more like a 34 inch. This would have been perfect if I was knitting it for myself, but as i had planned this project for my mum I quickly wished i had been measuring it as a went along.

So, the button band is 2 inches wider than it should be. And i am very grateful that the buttons i have are decorative enough that it looks ok in the end.


Right, what can I make a mess of next? I’m still thinking mum and dad’s dog Dougal might be my next woolly victim….

DSCF3517 DSCF3514

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