“Life is like knitting…

…if you make a mistake just pull it back and start again” – said Gail.

If only that was true, I think I’d find myself being braver in my decisions. But then I do often find I use knitting as a form of therapy, a space to calm and find myself again. There is something very therapeutic about the rhythmic repetitive nature of knitting.

But then I suppose that depends what pattern I’ve picked up. Before I decided to embark on the shawl I am currently knitting, I had attempted Sarah Hatton’s Framboise. And promptly gave up. The pattern is a lace one which starts from the centre and knits outwards to form a square, which is then repeated for the back.

I think I had attempted it at a time my mind was just to frustrated with everything else it had to think about to cope with knitting on dpns with so few stitches and increasing with yarn overs. Too complicated and too fiddly. And so the project was shelved, despite having bought the lovely SMC Select highland alpaca fino yarn to knit it.

Having seen Gail tonight, my knitting guru, i put down my shawl, with its gorgeous silky yarn and simple straightforward lace triangle pattern. With supervision and her calm advice i attempted Framboise again. And quickly got frustrated with the fiddly stitches. I don’t know why i struggle with this one, I’ve knitted loads of socks on dpns!

I think i was irritating Gail though as she eventually took the needles from me and started me off – “call me your surrogate mother, I’ve given birth to your knitting and its up to your to grow it now”.

So here it is…. I’m taking no credit for this as not a stitch so far is mine. (It makes me feel 8 again when my mum used to cast on and then hand the needles over to me to carry on).

I only hope I don’t make a mess of this version but I’ve already warned Gail that the back is the same and I might require her services again at some point!


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