To work or to craft? that is the question…..

I know I won’t be alone in thinking about the pile of half finished craft projects which could be done, if only work didn’t get in the way. But as my boyfriend, pointed out this weekend when I suggested I needed to quit my job if I ever wanted to finish anything, I wouldn’t have any money to buy more wool or material so the job is necessary.

But I do find myself spending most of the day thinking about home time when I can pick up my needles and carry on knitting. Or about yarn I need to buy to do a project I want to start. Or which yarn shop I’ve not visited for a while….

Usually I can suppress the urge to phone in sick and spend the day knitting instead. If only the daily commute wasn’t so jammed packed it was possible to knit in the wasted hour it takes me to get to work.

This weekend it all got a bit out of hand though.

I’d like to blame someone else, but I don’t think I can entirely. Although there is always an excuse for every craft purchase (as my boyfriend points out every time I buy something). So here goes….

1. Friday was entirely Mum’s fault. 

Mum is a quilter and has a much bigger addiction to her craft than I do. Or at least my yarn fits in two large boxes (and 2 bags tucked down the side of the sofa) where as Mum has turned my old bedroom into a sewing room and has 2 very large sets of drawers crammed with fabric.

So the idea of me taking a day off for a trip to a fabric warehouse in Wales was Mum’s idea of heaven. She claimed she needed to go, and even left the house with swatches of fabric she needed, to prove to Dad that it wasn’t going to be a needless trip. I liked the idea of a day off so I agreed to the 140 mile round trip to Abakhan’s store near Flint. (Madness when there is a perfectly good discount store in our nearest City).

It was a good day out anyway as I don’t get to spend the day with Mum often and I only needed to buy beads for the shawl I am knitting.

Now I’d like to point out that while I own a sewing machine, I have used it about 3 times since I got it for Christmas last year, to make two cushions and to work out how to use it. Prior to that I hadn’t used one since being at school.

Nevertheless I left the shop with a lovely brown fabric with leaves with the intention of making a skirt (beyond by abilities i know!) and a tote bag. And some cream fabric with flowers to make….. well I liked it so it might make more cushions.

Mum didn’t get the fabric she wanted but bought some other fabric to make a dress for a family wedding next month. So it wasn’t a wasted trip after all!

2. Saturday left me feeling unsatisfied and a bit frustrated

Having failed to find the beads I wanted on Friday I dragged my boyfriend into Hobbycraft on the way back from a day out in Leeds. After circling the car park 3 times and fighting for a space, I left the store beadless.

And we didn’t have enough time to call at Bedazzle Beads before it shut, which definitely frustrated me as its a great shop and I know I would have got what I needed there.

3. Sunday is partly my boyfriend’s fault

On the promise of lunch in a nice cafe I dragged my boyfriend to the Bead shop in Manchester. A gorgeous little shop in Afflecks Palace, a building full of unusual boutique shops which i often visited when i was at Uni and love to this day. The Beadshop is like a sweet shop with lots of little jars of seed beads along the wall, and endless trays of beads and buttons. I was not leaving the store without beads, even if I was making a decision on colour was more than my boyfriend could take.

Thankfully, I managed to get some lovely pink seed beads for my shawl. Although with my OCD tendencies when I got home, convinced that despite buying 5 grams extra I still didn’t have enough beads, I sat counting them. I was right, 624 and not 700. Damn. My boyfriend has very kindly offered to pop back and buy some soon for me, perhaps to prevent me going again and buying more than just what I need.

I also ‘popped in’ to Abakhan’s store since we were so close, and despite my lack of sewing experience bought a huge piece of fabric to make curtains for my spare room. I can blame my boyfriend for that one as he found the fabric and suggested it would look nice.

So at 8pm on Sunday night I found myself sat on the floor with a sewing book and a huge piece of fabric, working out how to make curtains. I am not lining them. They will be the most basic curtains ever made. I managed to hem the side of both curtains before i realised it had gone 10pm and I hadn’t picked up my knitting at all.


I  now have a big craft problem at home waiting for me. Which is more important?


A shawl I have about 3 weeks to finish before the wedding I intend to wear it at.

The teal lace top Gail started me off on and which I have only knitted about 2 inches of since, but is a summer top and needs finishing before summer ends.

And that doesn’t include a possible skirt or bag I might make from the other fabric I bought, and doesn’t include the 3 projects worth of yarn I already have, sat waiting to be started. (And certainly doesn’t include the much wider yarn or fabric stash i have sat waiting for inspiration).

So its Monday and I’m thinking I’d rather be at home crafting than at work!

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7 Responses to To work or to craft? that is the question…..

  1. Fantastic post and yes, I think anyone reading a knitting blog would understand the desire to be home crafting instead of working to earn the money to craft.

  2. I thought I was the only person who called in sick from yarn-itis. Great post. Can totally relate. Why don’t you try to make money from your craft? (Probably the same reasons I don’t, but never hurts to find a new reason, I guess!)

    • I’d like to but I think I’d lose the passion if I had to make money from it as my sole income. I have a little etsy shop, but as I knit big things for me or friends and family I find I only have time to knit little things to sell. Which aren’t unique enough to really sell.
      I wish I could though. Then I wouldn’t find myself pretending to work in front of a computer and instead thinking about projects!
      I like ‘yarn-itis’ though, I’m going to call it that next time I want to call in sick!

  3. Suzy says:

    Oh my heavens but I can relate! I no longer think of driving as enjoyable but a waste of good knitting time. Work is an interruption to what i want to be doing but a necessary evil to afford what I want to be doing.

  4. vuchickens says:

    I’m SO with you… xo

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