Woolfest can heal a broken heart

I really needed a pick me up this weekend and since I’d already planned a trip to Woolfest in Cockermouth with some friends, I’m glad I still went as it has certainly done the trick.

Although I left with even more projects to do and spent a small fortune on woolly retail therapy!

2013-06-29 11.40.36

Madhatter’s tea party

Four women with various craft passions wandered into the cattle market-cum-woolly heaven to be greeted by a sea of women (and some men) wandering around the vast array of stalls. We needed a plan of attack so started methodically at one end. And promptly lost one another as we hunted for lovely things to fill our varied needs.

The best bit of the whole day was the sheep shearing demonstration and being able to see the lovely rare breed sheep themselves and meet the farmers who keep these breeds going.

from Woolfest image gallery

By 2pm we realised we weren’t even half way around and had to make an effort to pick up the pace, which was difficult with so many wonderful things to see.

By 4.30pm my friends had given up and needed coffee so I left them with their drinks as I had one last whiz around to buy more things.

Despite being addicted to knitting, I left Woolfest with all the bits required to start needle felting and managed to get some good bargains. I also bought some gorgeous Teeswater yarn; I couldn’t leave without buying some lovely rare breed yarn which I wouldn’t normally be able to get hold of.

It was great to then spend a Saturday evening with friends needle felting and drinking gin, a perfect end to the day.

I hear there’s Yarndale festival in Skipton in September (oh dear, that’s even closer to home!)

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One Response to Woolfest can heal a broken heart

  1. I absolutely LIVE for and LOVE wool and sheep festivals! I can’t wait for October for Rhinebeck (NY)!

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