Shawl, shop and sheep!

The madness of deadlines finally caught up with me last week. I found myself sat in the living room at 11.30pm surrounded by craft supplies in an attempt to finish everything I had decided had to be done that week but had somehow left till the last minute. I ended up knitting till that point where my eyes started to smart and I thought I might either go blind or fall asleep holding the needles. Which wouldn’t have been good since I was in the middle of beading.

I hate having to put my knitting down because my eyes hurt, coz if I’m up so late knitting I’m either in ‘the zone’ and don’t want to go to bed, or working frantically to finish a project. Last week was definitely that latter.

Luckily the shawl was finished in time for my cousin’s wedding and looked great. Phew!

But then it was over 30 degrees on the day so I hardly wore it. Damn. Oh well, here it is:


The pattern can be found hereย Bitteroot. I knitted this in Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace which is gorgeous to knit with even though it is only 2 ply. Knitted up it is quite strong. I picked cream as I was wearing a green dress for the wedding and decided to stick to something neutral. I wouldn’t normally go for yarn in this colour so it may very well sit in a box for eternity now. I also decided to stick with the pale pink beads despite them not being very noticeable.

And this is the first item I’ve properly blocked anything lace which I’ve knitted, usually I’m either impatient to wear it or lazy. This time I wetted it completely and pinning out every point to shape the garment. Lacking anywhere proper to do this it ended up on my spare room floor, pinned to the carpet. Good job I don’t have children or pets!

Completely by surprise I also made my first sale on Etsy last week. I set up my shop about 3 months ago, not really expecting to sell anything but wanting to give it ago.

The excitement of someone in the big wide world wanting to purchase something I have created, to part with their hard earned cash, is a great feeling. However, I learnt something important in my first sale, which I will share, hopefully to avoid anyone else making the same mistake and not to show how much of an idiot I am,.

What I learnt is that it is important not to guesstimate, or even use others posts, to judge postage costs. In the end the sale cost me money as I’d underestimated overseas postage. However, it didn’t take away from the joy of my first sale. Though, now I’ve got proper postage costs on now, I doubt I’ll make a second!

Finally I have to mention the Sheep.

Firstly, I want to say I love sheep. As a knitter, how can I not love the lovely little creatures that spend all year growing the wool on their backs that I desperately want to knit into something pretty?

However the family that have visited my garden 4 times in the last couple of weeks are exempt from this. They have decided in the very hot weather that the best place to hide is in the local gardens, where they will find shade and an abundance of interesting food/ pretty flowers.

I have to point out that I live about 2 miles from the nearest moorland which has sheep, but as they are not fenced onto the moors they frequently wander down into the village centre. So the garden that I love as my space of tranquility, and just as the roses are about to bloom, they have been completely eaten by the sheep. Grr.

Time to tactfully tell the neighbours I’ll be constructing a higher fence between us to prevent more visits……

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep (Photo credit: Diva Sian)

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3 Responses to Shawl, shop and sheep!

  1. I too love sheep! And alpacas ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, wanted to mention I have always had a yearning to move to The UK. Your blog helps me get a little closer or so it feels to me. I am enjoying your stories a great deal! Thank you for each and every post. I am eagerly awaiting the next. Oh, and your shawl is beautiful!

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