Framboise complete…but green not pink!

This has been on my needles for 2 months now but its been on my to-knit-list since the pattern appeared in July 2011’s issue of The Knitter,  so I’m glad its finished.

Not sure I like the name of Sarah Hatton’s pattern being named raspberry when I wanted to knit it in jade green, oh well.


Framboise, is a really interesting pattern to knit, if you enjoy lace knitting. The pattern has 2 options, to either knit it on straight needles and sew up the seam along one of the front diagonals. Or, as i have done, knit it circular which is incredibly fiddly to start with when you cast on only 8 stitches.

Once I’d got past this part though the top grows quickly and to be able to knit just 2 squares, with only minor shaping for the neck and sleeves and the end result is a pretty lacy top is very appealing.

I also like the cast off method which is: cast off 1 stitch and then * yarn over and take the stitch over this loop, repeating 3 times to create a chain of stitches, cast off 2 stitches *and repeat from * to end. It gives a nice loopy and stretchy cast off end.

So for the first time in a few months I have only one project still on needles (socks, but they’re always there as an emergency knitting project). Time to flick through the patterns I have and dig through the yarn stash!


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7 Responses to Framboise complete…but green not pink!

  1. KerryCan says:

    It’s really very pretty!!

  2. Kim says:

    Agree with KerryCan – VERY nice!

  3. Beautiful job! It does feel nice to not have stockpile of WIPs and UFOs, doesn’t it?!

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  5. Simona Dedek says:

    I have been hunting for this pattern for couple hours now, no luck…. 😦

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