Tennis elbow is not cool when its from knitting

I am not a happy bunny this morning. I haven’t been knitting excessively recently due to a lack of large projects to do, but I have managed to give myself the knitters equivalent of tennis elbow.

I noticed it yesterday as I tapped away at the keyboard at work, but it was only when I picked up a needle to sew last night that I realized I had better have a few days off from crafts. Which leaves me feeling a bit lost.

So I had a sad night in front of the TV without anything to keep my hands occupied. If I was prone to drama, it feels a bit like the world might end.

The two builders came back this morning to finish my yard and amidst me trying to stop them being on an episode of ‘cowboy builders’ they asked what was wrong with my elbow. I couldn’t engage my brain quick enough to think of a cool injury I might have sustained.ย So I got a smirk at having ‘knitters elbow’. I couldn’t have said tennis elbow could I? So I shuffled off feeling like an idiot and left them to make a mess of my yard.


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12 Responses to Tennis elbow is not cool when its from knitting

  1. itwasjudith says:

    Hope with a bit of rest, it will get better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. vuchickens says:

    Yuck! I’ve been struggling with carpal tunnel, and that’s no fun either. I’m sure it’s because I spend half my time on the computer at work, and the other half knitting, so I’m trying to use better posture, and do lot’s of stretching and breaks… but it’s tough… I can’t give up knitting!

  3. Pat(ricia) says:

    Sorry to hear about the knitter’s elbow! As for the contractors’ smirking at ya … you should have thrown a ball of wool at them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Obviously THEY have never been gifted with anything hand-knit!

    Try icing your elbow “on/off” for 20 minutes at time … you know …20 on 20 off. It’ll help ease the pain. And … check your local drugstore and look in the section for where they usually have ace bandages wraps etc. You should be able to find a relatively cheap tennis elbow “sleeve” type thing that will help ease the pain and serve you well generally.

  4. My doctor recommended a golf ball muscle roller for my tennis elbow, worked very well and reduced the soreness, seriously check it out!

  5. katknit says:

    Ibuprofen for a few days always takes care of it for me.

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