Yarndale – where addictions to wool can be fixed

I’ve been excited about Yarndale in Skipton ever since seeing a flyer for it at Woolfest in June. So I’ve spent most of the summer excited about excessive yarn shopping opportunities, its a wonder my credit card hasn’t melted. I was worried about spending too much on more stash, but then I wandered into the auction mart and found a pretty utopia of woolly delights, and forgot about my bank balance.




I was, in the end, quite restrained (for me). I couldn’t resist buying more of David and Freda’s teeswater yarn though. I have a very soft spot for rarebreed yarns, especially those sold by the farmers – you must check them out teeswaterwools. I also bought some lovely yarn from namolio which is coloured like a rainbow. So quite a successful day!   And gorgeous angora rabbits and beautiful alpacas too!



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11 Responses to Yarndale – where addictions to wool can be fixed

  1. not being a knitter I didn’t find so much to get exctied about. I did buy some buttons though. I think if I went again I’d try sunday morning, when it might be quieter. In the end it was the pie smell that drove me away – I hadn’t had breakfast, they smelled delicious, but I’m gluten intolerant, so it was torture!

    • The inability to buy food eventually drove me away to find food elsewhere. the queues were just too long. If you’re not a knitter then avoid Woolfest in cumbria too then as that is the same as Yarndale but 3 times the size. Twistedthread event in Harrogate sometime in November is good for mixed crafts – everything from quilting to knitting. I went last year with my mum who quilts.

      • I dont quilt either, and since I dye all my own embroidery threads these days I don’t really shop much at these things ( my work is quite specialised so I’m not much swayed by novelty either)- I really only went to yarndale out of idle curiosity, and to take a cake for some friends who were trading

  2. belesamablue says:

    That looks MAGICAL. Just MAGICAL. Wish I could’ve gone! Hopefully by next Yarndale I’ll have me a driving license so going to non-London fibre events will no longer be a distant dream!

    • There’s always the train! To be honest parking the car was a big effort as their carpark had already filled by half 10.

      • belesamablue says:

        Ah yeah I can imagine. Trains are expensive though! (And I’m sure owning a car is super cheap, right? :P) Woolfest is another one I’d love to go to, I think I just need to move to the North!

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  4. lovely post! I couldn’t get close enough to the lovely alpacas to either get a picture or a sly stroke. Sounds like you arrived about half an hour after us – we had been lucky enough to find a parking spot. Wasn’t the Narnia tent from Baa Ram ewe fabulous?

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