Lazy knitting – avoiding sewing up

Despite  all the lovely yarn I purchased at Yarndale and already have stashed, I have somehow agreed to knit my mum a jumper.  Here’s the pattern. I decided to knit it in James C Brett’s Woodlander in shades of blue (her favourite colour). Given the pattern she chose is mostly stocking stitch I couldn’t bear the though of hours of having to purl back across, so decided to knit it in the round up to the arm holes.

Now I’ve knitted about an inch I’m thinking my laziness of not wanting to sew pieces together, or to purl back across, might result in a much more stripy jumper than I intended.

What do you think?




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6 Responses to Lazy knitting – avoiding sewing up

  1. itwasjudith says:

    The yarn seems to have substantial differences in its shades and this may be an issue if your mother doesn’t like stripes.
    I had a similar issue with a cowl I knitted from Malabrigo blue yarn when the skeins had a strong white-ish sections:
    (you can compare this result with the same yarn but in a skein which hadn’t such strong variegation:

    It may perhaps worth pondering on the final effect before going on with inches and inches of stocking knitting 🙂

  2. that’s ok though, narrow stripes are pretty too!

  3. soknitsome says:

    Well you’ll get thinner stripes if you’re going all the way round. Perhaps you can see if there are projects in this yarn on Ravelry and see what you prefer…

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone and the photos Judith (your projects look lovely).

    I’ve nearly finished the rib section circular, and it is certainly striping with different sizes but pretty narrow about an inch wide. I quite like it as its not a regular stripe, but I might still check with my mum that she likes it so far, just in case!

  5. Sandra Louise says:

    I love the colors, but I agree, if you purl back, it will have more stripes. Maybe a different stitch other than stockinette will minimise that? Thanks for following my blog!

  6. vuchickens says:

    I completely sympathize with wanting to avoid sewing up! Stripes are just fine in my book. 😉

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