An afternoon of buttons

I’ve had a very productive weekend of distractions from men and despite good nights out with the girls you can’t beat an afternoon making buttons with friends.

Made from porcelain clay they have yet to be fired in the kiln, but have been pre coloured. Having found myself still knitting the stocking stitch jumper for mum (and finally as my sanity returns its begun to be tedious again), I also was starting to panic about all the Christmas presents I had to make. Problem solved! I didn’t make all of them as buttons as some will be pendants as presents and I have even made xmas decorations too.

I’ve also made a giant heart which hasn’t been coloured as I’m hoping to glaze this so it will be a perfect shawl brooch. Just for me.

2013-11-10 15.50.01

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3 Responses to An afternoon of buttons

  1. salpal1 says:

    can’t wait to see them all finished!

  2. lazersheep says:

    Sounds like so much fun!

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