Busy making for Christmas

I feel like I’m playing catch up with Christmas, having made very little presents and bought none so far. Panic will set in soon I’m sure, but I’ve so far been busy doing other stuff.

First up:

A couple of weekends ago now I went to a workshop with a friend to create a rag rug wreath. Its fair to say that new boyfriend (he is officially no longer vacation guy!) has occupied most of my thoughts and that weekend he also made a visit to West Yorkshire, which was both fantastic and nerve wracking as its been a while since I had a boy stay over!  We had an amazing time and he properly surprised me with suggesting a weekend away at valentines (bearing in mind this was only technically our second date/weekend together). In my amazement and having had a few wines I also invited him to spend xmas with me since I already knew he was going to be alone. Which was exciting, till a few days later I realised the invite meant he’d be meeting my whole family!!! Oh dear!

So wreath making took a back seat for a while, but I finally got it finished last week. I’m not that sure I’m happy with it as its a bit dark (the photo doesn’t do it justice as the dark colour is actually green), but it will still grace my door. Its made on hessian backing and with mixed materials, mostly jersey, woven fabrics and some wool.


Second up:

In the ensuing mayhem of all that and then me driving to my boyfriend’s to spend last weekend with him (and meet his friends in what has to be the most surreal third date/weekend – at a Christening!) I have neglected to knit much more of the stripy jumper I started months ago for mum. Unless I cancel my social life I don’t think she’ll be getting it for Christmas now. So I’m on Christmas catch up!

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2 Responses to Busy making for Christmas

  1. Your wreath is very stylish. I really like it, particularly the way the red looks like poppies and the yellow like sunflowers. 😄
    I introduced my now husband to my entire family at my nephew’s (first grandchild on both sides!) first birthday party. More nerve wracking for him!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only mad one. Meeting his friends at a Christening was certainly weird for me, but him meeting my family at Christmas will definitely be nerve wracking for him! Glad to hear your husband survived though!

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