New year, new challenge

I generally make decisions on craft projects on impulse and then get completely immersed in them until they are done. This leads to massive peaks and troughs in my output as in between I can often just have something little on the go, or spend hours frustrated that I have a room full of yarn and fabric and not a pattern suitable for any of it.

Having spent a lot of time lounging around the house over the holidays, in particular lying in bed till late (not usual for me but I have a hot new boyfriend so he’s worth it 😉 ) so I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the hideous bedroom curtains that have been there since I moved in ( 5 years ago).

Last summer I tackled the small spare room curtains, the first I’ve ever made. Despite it only being a small window it took the best part of 4 late nights to finish them as I’m not that experienced with a sewing machine either. Stressful. 

But I appear to have forgotten the pain of this project as I have just bought enough fabric to tackle my bedroom window, which is 3m wide!! So I also have to sew 2 bits of fabric together to get the right width.

And the fabric I’ve chose is perfect to go with my yellow room, but Ikea is not the place to buy fabric when you’re a novice as its self service, so I had a moment of mental arithmetic panic when I had to work out how much I needed to get the right gather on them. Thank god for smart phones with internet access.

It was only as I started cutting the fabric (having decided to pre-cut the curtains while I had access to a large table) that I realised the fabric needed to be accurately lined up to get the right repeat across the curtains. So I envisage a lot of stress when i get around to sewing them as cutting them right was bad enough!

I might have to find some knitting to do at the same time as light relief.


nice pattern, probably a nightmare to match up across 4 widths of fabric

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One Response to New year, new challenge

  1. I also have to follow my “knitting whims” or else I don’t find myself enjoying it at all. This lends itself to WIP-itis lol

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