First knit of the new year

After an unproductive December I’ve cracked out my first knit of January. Ok, I know that’s a bit rubbish given its nearly the end of the month. I have made a few small things for my etsy shop but they don’t count. So here is the finished foliage hat I’ve made for myself.

2014-01-22 09.53.13

I loved knitting this pattern despite a cable on every other row, which usually frustrates me, but otherwise it is a quick and satisfying pattern to knit. I’m not convinced it works so well in the Sirdar escape yarn I chose as you can’t quite see the stitch pattern. (The colour in the top photo is more accurate)

2014-01-22 09.53.37

But its a lovely snug fit in my favourite colour so part of me doesn’t really care, mostly as it came from yarn already in my stash. Always a bonus! At some point I might knit another in a plain coloured yarn.

I also realised this week that its been about 4 months since I visited a yarn shop, what the hell?? I hardly need more yarn, but how did that happen??

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