5 years in the making!

I bought my house 5 years ago and acquired some hideous curtains as an emergency pair for my bedroom, which until last week had still been there. I have already hated them – boring beige, too long and 4 curtains needed to cover the 3 metre wide window. But now they’re gone!!

Its taken me a couple of evenings this week from start to finish, but here are my lovely new pair made from fabric from Ikea and costing me less than £50.

They weren’t the easiest things to make, as I’ve had to sew two width of fabric together to make them wide enough and then getting all that through the sewing machine when I have only a tiny sewing table to work on was a bit of a faff.

But I’m very pleased with the result. Even if they’re 5 years in the making!


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One Response to 5 years in the making!

  1. Emmely says:

    That makes me feel much better about my curtain making efforts, it only took me 2.5 years after moving in… I like the fabric that you used, it’s so bright.

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