Confidence wobble and my head fell off

Just as I think everything is going well the part of my brain where random thoughts and fears live switches on and sets me off… I feel like Henri bear, headless.

2014-01-27 20.58.49 (1)

So we had a nice weekend, even though I didn’t get to see him until Saturday evening. And despite Sunday’s rain we had a nice walk and lots of cake.

Then for no reason whatsoever on Sunday evening I felt insecure. I think I’ve been bottling up insecurities for a while and they then surface all at once…. Am I a substitute for something better that will come along, has the novelty worn off and he’s getting bored…. you know the usual insecurities girls have at some point in their lives.

Except I’m beyond crap at talking about them, so I keep them in. Which doesn’t help as I then give off unhappy vibes. So I need to get my head together and learn to share, and not via email when he is off out of the country.

Anyway, I’m off to London for work tomorrow and hoping we meet up for dinner. I’ll also get chance to make Henri a body while on the train, so then the pair of us won’t feel headless anymore.

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