I didn’t just fall off the wagon… I was pushed!

I’d been quite proud of myself having made it silently to 4 months of abstinence from yarn shops. 4 months of not accidentally wandering in wonderful yarn shops with colourful wool all lined up looking pretty and dazzling like rainbow sweets, tempting me to squeeze them all and stroke them against my cheek until I can’t resist the excitement any longer and buying yarn I’m not sure I need.

4 months of trailing through Ravelry to find appropriate little patterns to knit through my mountain stash of yarn which seems to refuse to shrink.

And then we were in Manchester this weekend for the Chinese New year. And I happened to mention there was a lovely fabric shop and yarn shop near each other and so we ‘accidentally’ wandered to Purl City Yarns. Having been together only 3 months he’d so far escaped the bemusement of men who find themselves in the addictive world of women in yarn shops and foolishly thought it was a nice thing to do, to let me browse.

And then he thought he was being nice asking me to knit him a new scarf.

Yes, I’d love to knit you a scarf! How fantastic that you really don’t find my knitting absolutely mad and would like me to make you something! Of course – what colour would you like? What type of wool? How thick? How exciting!

At which point I think he realised he’d opened Pandora’s box and essentially found himself with the knitting equivalent of an alcoholic who’d wandered into a wine cellar and was being offered a choice of beautiful wine. Or lets face it, a crack addict who’d just been offered a mind blowing amount of cocaine.

So, I fell off the wagon this weekend having bought 2 hanks of beautiful Fyberspates Vivacious DK in a gorgeous purply bluey grey. 100% merino.

I might have managed to get a scarf out of one hank, but you never know… I didn’t want to run out and not find the right colourway again, so I bought two. And if I have enough with one then I have a hank just for myself in a gorgeous colour…. that will probably sit with the other gorgeous yarns in my stash.

And then I discovered his OCD interest in winding the hank into a ball. I think I may never get back on the wagon again now I’ve found someone who takes away the dullest part of knitting!


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3 Responses to I didn’t just fall off the wagon… I was pushed!

  1. I’m thrilled for you … both! I remember years ago coming across a shop with really fantastic yarns full of colour, texture etc. etc. and I got so excited I started to hyperventilate and had to go outside to calm down! Needless to say I calmed down enough to go back and BUY.

  2. KerryCan says:

    Gotta love a man who likes to help with yarn-winding! That yarn is simply spectacular!

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