Valentines day panic knitting

Since my boyfriend had enticed me to buy the gorgeous Fyberspates yarn last weekend in order to knit him a scarf, I realised I had a week of panic knitting in order to finish it in time for Valentines Day. Not that it was intended to be a valentines present but it saved me thinking of anything else!

Since we’re off on our first holiday together for Valentines (if you don’t count our first date weekend or the holiday on which we met) then that really meant I needed to finish it this weekend in order to block it, wrap it and breathe a sigh of relief in time for today. And thank God I had the weekend free to knit. So here it is:


The idea of knitting it in a woven pattern felt like a good idea till I got tired of knitting it about half way through. The colour is also a little more purple that that photo, a bit more like the one below. And despite the two hanks being the same dye lot there is an obvious difference between the two, hopefully he won’t notice.



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4 Responses to Valentines day panic knitting

  1. trpeters02 says:

    Oh that’s beautiful.

  2. Love the stitch, real labour of love….enjoy your holiday

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