Knitting – my favourite form of distraction

My current knitting seems to be dominated my projects I’ve seen on other blogs and thankfully its proving a useful distraction from life, without challenging me so much that I find myself screaming at a pattern or my knitting needles.

So here’s what I’m working on –

copyright – dayana knits

Buckland – I came across this pattern by Lisa Richardson on Dayana knits blog, which you can find here. I actually found myself attracted to the stocking stitch and the bobbles would provide a lovely detail to keep me interested. The fact stocking stitch is attractive at all shows I’m not really in the mental mood for anything that requires me to concentrate.

But its also provided to be a quick knit – I’ve so far got the back and half the front completed in only a few evenings. And having chosen to avoid Rowan wool (I’m not a squillionaire) and used some local merino yarn. I’ve had to add 10 rows near the bottom in order to ensure its going to fit me – I also wanted it to be longer than the pattern indicated as tops are frequently too short for me. 

I’ve also just come across a craft swap on We Bloom Here. Having never done a craft swap I quite like the idea of creating something for someone I don’t really know so I’ve signed myself up. You only need to create 2 items of something flat which can easily be posted, and in return you get 2 back. Whats not to love? Someone somewhere thinking lovely things as they make something for me? Perfect antidote to my current relationship I think.

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6 Responses to Knitting – my favourite form of distraction

  1. KerryCan says:

    Isn’t it nice that you can turn your life frustrations into something so positive? The sweater is lovely!

    • Not sure my version will turn out so pretty, for a start its in a purple that now I’ve started knitting it isn’t quite so purple as I thought! But its relieving me nonetheless!

  2. I will defiantly be looking at ‘ we bloom here’ – and the sweater looks great – especially in purple!

  3. knitsbywhit says:

    The swap sounds really cool! I think I will sign up! I also really love that sweater. What color are you making it in?

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