You can’t have everything right all the time

Buckland has so far proved to be a great pattern to knit. Quick, simple and effective. Ok, I’ve altered the pattern a bit as jumpers are never long enough, but its still been quick and simple. Just as my interest in endless stocking stitch is waning, I reach the shoulder bobbles. Fabulous!!

Except I’m working on faith now that the pattern is correct as I am expecting to finish the first sleeve and for it to be suitable for a chimp – its very long already. I know it is raglan, but still! I have 45 stitches left its already 55cm and only decreasing on the knit side its going to be even longer before I reach casting off. Mmn. I expect to find myself ripping this back at some point.

And my bobbles are like little belly buttons, they’ve all disappeared inside! I’m hoping with wear they will appear on the right side!

2014-03-11 23.05.59

Despite the knitting not being so certain this week, everything else seems to have settled. Without sharing too much, (as I think something’s really are private) my boyfriend revealed something to me about himself over Valentines which I didn’t really take into consideration when he reacted badly during the incident and after.  I won’t be able to take it if he ever hurts me like that again, even if he didn’t mean it, but we had a fabulous weekend of walking in the sunshine this weekend. So I’ve given him another chance and working through adapting how I approach certain things with him and I will be trying to be more clear and upfront with him about what I think and feel. And perhaps I didn’t need to get all swept up in the romance when being good friends is just as important to sustain a relationship. Fingers crossed! (both for the jumper and the relationship!)

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4 Responses to You can’t have everything right all the time

  1. salpal1 says:

    hope the boyfriend thing works out well for you, you seem to be in a healthy frame of mind about it….
    As fro bobbles – in my experience they go where they want when you are working on them, but once done, if you poke them all out in blocking, they will stay put. I hope, though, that you don’t have to rip back….

  2. dayanaknits says:

    Just push those bobbles out with a good poke, it should work! And you don’t have to rip back, just stick your needle through a row, sip the yarn a row below and unravel to the needle. Then just start knitting downwards to finish off with ribbing!

    Also — glad you have found a balance in your thoughts.

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