Taking time out for the Vasconcelos exhibition

I was lucky enough to find myself with free time in Manchester this afternoon and popped in the Art Gallery to see the Joana Vasconcelos Time Machine exhibition.

For lovers of textile artwork this exhibition is a must see. Vasconcelos’s art weaves its way through the entire gallery, and while the first reaction is amazement at the scale and stark contrast to the surrounding historical art it which is shares space; its hard not to be impressed by the detail of her work and the obvious time taken to create it.

Vasconcelos work is a combination of sculptures wrapped in fine hand made lace, like ‘Bond Girl’ and Maria Pia (the wasp) and the colourful and elaborate creations such as the specially commissioned ‘Britannia’ which can be found in the Atrium and ‘Cottonopolis’ which sprawls across the first floor gallery.

Vasconcelos’s art is certainly striking and leaves me envious of her abilities and her creativity. The exhibition is on until the 1st June 2014 so make time for it if you find yourself in Manchester.

2014-03-14 14.57.54 2014-03-14 15.02.21

Bond Girl

Bond girl

Dropping 2013

Dropping 2013

Britannia 2014

'Britannia' 2014 'Britannia' 2014 Britannia 2014

Maria Pia 2013

'Maria Pia' 2013


'Cottonopolis' 2014 'Cottonopolis' 2014




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5 Responses to Taking time out for the Vasconcelos exhibition

  1. That looks amazing. I’m in Manchester in May – hope it’s still on!

  2. What a stunning exhibition – never heard of the artist but her work looks brilliant, really inspiring.

  3. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this artist, her work is so up my street, thanks for bringing her to my attention. Shame I cant get to Manchester to see it 😦

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