Buckland done, but now I’m patternless!

Despite having a busy weekend I’ve managed to finish the Buckland jumper this weekend. In the end I added 19 rows to the sleeves just before doing the bobbles and despite my fear they would be too long they are just perfect.

I also added 10 rows to the body before starting the shaping, in hindsight I should have perhaps added another 10 rows as I’d prefer it to be a little bit longer. But it fits so I’m happy and the bobbles look great! But I’m now on the hunt for another project – not sure why I’ve not already got one lined up.

DSCF5850 DSCF5851

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4 Responses to Buckland done, but now I’m patternless!

  1. lollyknits says:

    I love the bobbles on the shoulders!!!

  2. dayanaknits says:

    Love it, so glad the sleeves worked out. I’m getting really annoyed at the shortness of Rowan pattern torsos… I have to lengthen every one and then I traumatized myself about fixing the waist shaping to match. As for what’s next… Girl! I wish I had your problem, lol!

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