Using up my yarn stash – and its Lush!

Thanks to friends at my knitting group I have a pattern to knit and I’ve been hurtling through it at full speed and the best bit is I’m making my way through my huge yarn stash too.

Tincanknits pattern Lush, is absolutely gorgeous and being able to start with the lace detail made sure that stocking stitch boredom didn’t set in too early.

The pattern begins with the lace, knitted from the centre in one direction and then the other via a provisional cast on. The yoke up to the neck is next and finished with some lovely short row shaping around the neck.

I’m currently working my way down the body and have just got beneath the arms. The yarn I’m using is from my nearest yarn shop – woollyknits – (where the purple yarn for the Buckland jumper came from) – but the green yarn was in their bargain bin. £10 for 10 balls! of course I’ll have it, and I’ll have 2 packs as well! (So yes, that’s why I have a huge yarn stash.)

The yarn is 100% merino wool in a gorgeous emerald green, but it was in the bargain bin for a reason and that is because the dye is a bit irregular.  To deal with this I’m alternating between 2 balls every couple of rows so that I don’t get huge blocks of different greens. The effect is proving to be quite nice as its now not a flat colour but instead a bit stripey.

I have however reached stocking stitch boredom in the last few nights so perseverance might now be required.

DSCF5866 DSCF5868

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3 Responses to Using up my yarn stash – and its Lush!

  1. dayanaknits says:

    I am so jealous of that price… for merino wool?? Love the color, too.

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