Forever Tinkerbell!

Yes, mid life crisis alert! I got a tattoo!

To be fair this has been a long time coming as I was 15 years old when I first said I wanted a tattoo when I was old enough to. But then I never plucked up the courage and couldn’t make my mind up on a design. I did once wander into a tattoo studio when I was at university but as no-one came to talk to me I wandered back out. That was well over 10 years ago.

But I decided last week that I should just do it. I couldn’t make my mind up between a butterfly and a fairy, so the guy designed one in between. What do you think?

photo (1)

So I have to admit it hurt like hell, and the place was so warm I nearly fainted twice. The first time he was only drawing the design on me in pen and hadn’t even got the needle out! I was so embarrassed! But apparently it happens a lot even with big hairy blokes who’ve already had tattoos done. The second time he’d done the outline of a few stars and I nearly went. Thankfully a big fan on my face to cool me and a load of sugary drinks sorted me out. But it took over 2 hours! I can’t imagine ever wanting another!

I didn’t realise when I booked the appointment but it was on the day what would have been our 6 month anniversary, so at least I had given myself a different reason to cry. Something positive. If crying can ever be positive!

And since I’m trying to be the new me, I’ve also cut the cord on trying to be friends with my ex. He sent chocolate last week as his reply to my heart felt letter, so I sent the shortest email ever to say thanks. Which gained a reply of how sad he is and how sorry he is about everything, but he still can’t see how he can make changes in his life and yet he wants me to think about him. Yes I had a good cry or two, but replied saying I care about him too much to be his friend. If he wants to try again then I’m open to talk about it, but if not then I can’t go on.

So the new me is putting my foot down and now forever Tinkerbell!

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3 Responses to Forever Tinkerbell!

  1. trpeters02 says:

    I love it! It’s so pretty!!!

  2. iknead2knit says:

    Awesome tat! Wish you could see mine!

  3. iknead2knit says:

    Great ink… Wish you could see mine!

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