Follow your arrow

Two things have got me through the hard and emotional month I’ve had since Easter, my best friend and this knitting project, so it makes sense that she gets to keep the finished shawl.

I started knitting it the weekend I went to Wales at Easter instead of seeing him, and I finished it last night after he replied to my email saying I couldn’t be his friend as I wanted more. He replied saying he felt I was putting him in an all or nothing situation and he didn’t want to make a rash decision and hurt me if it didn’t work out again. I respect him for that. And he said he didn’t want to give up trying to find a solution.  So we’re not being in contact for an undefined period of time. Which makes me sad but I know is the right thing to do. I need to not hang on his every email, and he needs to not feel guilty for what’s happened.

So anyway, that’s me, on to the shawl. Spoiler alert: if you want to  knit this yourself and want the surprise don’t read on!

photo 1

The pattern is Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow which was originally a mystery KAL. The pattern is fantastic as there are essentially 5 sections of which there are 2 options of each, making 32 possible combinations. I knitted option B for all except the second of the sections. This is section 1 and 2.

photo 5

This is section 3 and 4.

photo 4

Section 5 was a sideways knitted section to cast off, which did take a while. There is a brilliant video clip to aid completion which I definitely had to use especially to understand how to make the chain effect which continues the line of stitches from the section above. The section gradually reduces from an initial 30 stitches down to about 6 at the other end.

photo 8 photo 3 photo 9

While it took a while to knit this bit it was worth the effort for the effect. Its also the first circular shawl I’ve knitted and I think I prefer this shape to the triangles I usually knit. And I definitely loved the element of surprise and being able to chose which option to knit.

I’m glad she likes it, she deserves it for the amount of advice and support she’s given me.

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4 Responses to Follow your arrow

  1. lollyknits says:

    I really want to knit a circular shawl! I’m told that they stay on better. This is very pretty 🙂 I hope that you’re doing better. I think you’re making the right decision, but I know it’s still sad. hugs!

    • Aw thanks for the hugs, I’m doing better now and though its been tough I know I made the right decision. I’ll be ok, thanks for thinking of me.
      I did give it the shawl a quick try on before I wrapped it up and yes it sat on my shoulders a lot better than the triangles I’ve knitted before. You should definitely knit yourself one x x

  2. laflor5233 says:

    Beautiful shawl!

  3. Well, you’ve inspired me with your fabulous shawl! Next major evening knitting project a circular shawl for a special friend of mine. I knitted myself a triangular one and had to add two sections to the front as I really found it irritating the way it slipped off my shoulders (can be very seductive I know but …… not at my age!). I really love the way you are fighting through your disappointments with positive responses. By the way think your tattoo is so pretty.

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