Felting – not the intended results

Having just about abandoned the three projects I currently have on the go I went to a felting workshop that my knitting circle was running last Sunday. I’ve felted items I’ve knitted before, but it was an excuse to fill an otherwise quiet Sunday with friends and yarn.

With free yarn suitable for felting available and plenty of cake I settled down to an afternoon of mindless stocking stitch and nattering.

I got a bowl knitted in a few hours and started on a bag which I finished last night. Here is the ‘bowl’ before felting.


Here’s the end results after felting. To felt them I washed them both in the washing machine on 60 degrees with a couple of towels in there for extra agitation.


The bowl is lovely and stiff but the coloured yarn stripes has disappeared a bit too much, I should perhaps have done two row stripes.

The bag however has not gone according to plan as the grey yarn has refused to felt, despite being wool. Which would be ok, and give an interesting result had I not run out of the grey and had to finish one of the straps off with some beige blue faced leicester – which has felted and also darkened in the wash. Grr.

Its nice though and that’s one quick xmas present done for later this year. At least there is one benefit of having so much time on my hands.

IMG_0336 IMG_0337


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4 Responses to Felting – not the intended results

  1. I quite like the effect of the non felty bits on the bag. Pretend it was deliberate and everyone will think you’re dead clever

  2. What I enjoy about felting is you never quite know how its going to turn out – but I also like the effect of the non-felting wool with felted wool .

  3. trpeters02 says:

    I love the bowl!!! An d the bag came out great!! I like how the grey part turned out.

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