Where am I?

I feel like I’ve completely lost track of myself and there’s been very little knitting recently, hence the lack of blogging.

I finally came out of the fog which has been surrounding me for what feel like forever and I had a very nice, but strenuous holiday in Corsica to clear my head and met some lovely ladies on the trekking holiday. Despite the difficult walking (check out my other blog if you want to see more about it… tinkerbelladventures) I met some truly inspirational people who have changed me for the better. That’s what I love most about group walking holidays. My awe of their travels and life stories proved to me that I have to be more brave in my personal decision and not let fear and a comfort zone restrict me. There’s a whole world beyond Yorkshire if I let myself be free.

Coincidentally I also found out on returning that I have two job interviews in Oxford this week. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve had loads of interviews in the last month or so and not got anywhere, some of the jobs I was glad to have not got, others I was disappointed about. So I’m trying to be hopeful but not get too excited, particularly for one of these interviews which is for the job of my dreams.

My birthday passed without notice, helped by having to spend the day returning from holiday via plane, train and bus. But my wonderful dad, having run out of ideas for wooden presents to make, made me a para-cord bracelet.  It apparently unravels should I ever find myself requiring an emergency shoelace etc while I’m out walking! I’m really impressed with it as I can’t work out how its woven, and I never expected my dad to make anything like this. And once again Dad’s proved himself to be a real gem and that perfect men do exist.


I have managed to pick up my knitting though and making very slow progress on the shawl. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite fit into my handbag anymore so won’t be coming to Oxford this week with me. So its back to the socks…..


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4 Responses to Where am I?

  1. lollyknits says:

    The shawl is beautiful! Best of luck for your interviews 🙂

  2. dayanaknits says:

    Good luck with the dream job interview, these are the times that test us. Your dad’s bracelet gave me a happy tear, you really do have a Rad Dad!!

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