Fairies, friends and bobbins

There’s been quite a few fairies this week, which has made me smile.

I had a work meeting in the evening on Tuesday which was at Victoria Baths in Manchester. An amazing building which I love for it’s stained glass windows. It’s been about 10 years since I last visited so it was nice to get a little tour too. Its now an amazing community venue which is used for theatre and TV productions, art exhibitions and even weddings. If you’re in Manchester and have the chance to venture out of the city centre I recommend a visit, even though its tucked away in a residential area.



Friends can be an amazing lift when I just let them. In the end I’ve had a lovely weekend.  I got a bit too drunk Friday night (I’m such a light weight!) so didn’t feel that good Saturday morning, but then none of us did. I think we’re all just getting old!

After a very long and late breakfast we headed over to Cottingley for the fairy market. I hadn’t realised that the famous fairy photographs taken in 1917 were done in Cottingley. So it was also a nice surprise to find the amazing art work on the village green.

IMG_0488 IMG_0490 IMG_0491

I’d hoped to buy fairy wings at the market but alas there were none for sale, but I did buy a cute needle felted mushroom.


On the way back we stopped briefly in Haworth intending to buy birthday presents. Alas I ended up buying myself things instead. Oops. I got a beautiful old bobbin and scissors, which is so decorative I don’t think I’ll ever use the twine.


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