Fiddly knitting

Mum hilariously suggested she was 39 this weekend. A Freudian slip or a desire for eternal youth? She’s a long way off that since I’m 32.

Having been a rubbish daughter and failed to buy her something wonderful I took her off to BaaRamEwe in Harrogate for a workshop. Ok, I was taking myself off there as I knew a woolly workshop would make me smile, but mum loves craft stuff so I thought it would work as a birthday present.

Luckily it turned out to be a good decision. She was skeptical when we wandered in the pretty wool shop, but when I reassured her we weren’t knitting as such (and thus this wasn’t a day out just for me) but making jewellry she was much happier.

I however ended up a bit frustrated by the end. Fiddly or what!!

The first project we tackled was a thin beaded bracelet – I think given the fiddly nature of this it should have been our last project but we persevered. It is knitted in habu silk which has a very thin stainless steel fibre running through it which helps it hold its shape. It was fiddly to knit with on 3mm needles as difficult to see the stitches as anything except knots. At least we’d pre-threaded the beads to make it easier.

We both got a bit fed up that it wasn’t growing quick enough so we finished these at home later on.

photo 1 photo 4

I’m still not sure about it, I think it would work nicely as edging to a fabric garment but not sure about it as jewellry.

So we ditched these after lunch and started something simpler. Knitting on only two stitches and placing a bead in between, on every other row these bracelets were much quicker to create.

I gave mine to mum as a present (although I’ve made myself another too)

photo 2 photo 3

I wasn’t sure mum had actually had fun, but she did go home and finish her bracelets so she must have! I’ve converted a quilter to knitting 🙂

I then spent a couple of hours on bank holiday monday avoiding the rain. I’ve started test knitting the pattern for the fingerless gloves but I’m not going to be able to show you these as they’re top secret until Wessendenwoollies releases the pattern in the new year. The good news is that I’m using the yarn I got from the magic yarn ball swap that Tinyowlknits organised earlier in the year. (I’m keeping my eyes out on Ravelry for another one!)


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2 Responses to Fiddly knitting

  1. Polo says:

    That jewellery is adorable. I’m glad your mum enjoyed her present. 🙂

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