Halloween’s come early!!

If it wasn’t crazy enough that I’d started knitting pumpkins in September for Halloween then it was really lovely to be celebrating early with a surprise parcel from my Tiny Owl knits Halloween swap partner.

When I got home from work on a horrible wet Tuesday to find this left at my neighbours how could I not be a very happy girl?


The shawl is knitted in Noro Kureyon sock yarn and it is gorgeous and warm.

My swap partner got some bonfire sweets, a couple of mini skeins and a day of the dead pendant. Plus some 100% wool mittens with crochet skulls. I’m not a fantastic crocheter so I felt quite proud I’m managed something other than granny squares.

IMG_1036 IMG_0860

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3 Responses to Halloween’s come early!!

  1. willowsinme says:

    I love those skulls! Where did you get the pattern?

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