Tinking Buckland

I love this jumper by Lisa Richardson. I love the colour and the yarn and I love the pattern – even if i did have to lengthen the torso a bit. However, I wore it a few times earlier in the year and it still seems a bit short still – I like my tops to be quite long.


So, having put it off all summer, I’m now tinking it before it gets so cold I want to start wearing it again.

I tried unpicking the cast on row and unravelling to the stocking stitch, but this wasn’t as easy as you’d think as it was quite knotted. So it took cutting the yarn at the end of the row of stocking stitch and pulling away the ribbed section and picking up the stitches. This proved much easier.

So here I am knitting downwards. I’m going to add about 15 rows of stocking stitch and then do 10 rows of rib and I’m knitting it circular for speed, although it will mean the seam disappears at the bottom. I have since finished this and the length is loads better but I do have a crease line where I’ve picked up the stitches which I hope disappears when I re-block it.


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4 Responses to Tinking Buckland

  1. You are so brave. I’m not sure that I would have the guts to cut into my knitting. I hope that it fits better when finished and blocked.

    • To be fair I had tried to unpick it as I felt a bit sick at cutting into it too, but it was too knotted as it was a cast on row I was trying to unpick. So I snipped the thread at the end of a row and picked up the stitches as I pulled the rib away. Still a bit unnerving!

  2. lollyknits says:

    It should go away when you block it again. Wool is awesome like that!

  3. dayanaknits says:

    Great idea, I do that all the time!

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