Honeycomb Christmas

I loved the Honeycomb cowl I knitted myself so much, its so soft and warm and like a happy rainbow wrapped around my neck; so I’ve knitted mum one for Christmas. I’ve been missing in action as I took myself off on holiday (which I promise to share with you soon as I went to a fantastic silk farm and weaving social enterprise). This means that I’ve had little time for Christmas present knitting, so gifts were always going to be simple this year.

The honeycomb cowl is a joy to knit as it is a gorgeous pattern that can be quickly knitted sat in front of the tv with little attention paid to the pattern. Perfect!

Here’s my own finished one:


I’ve knitted mum’s from my stash though as I have too much lovely yarn to go out and buy more. Luckily some of it coordinates! So I have used some natural coloured blue faced leicester yarn from Woollyknits and a ball of Noro Kureyon which I was lucky enough to find in a charity shop for £1.50 but had no idea what I was going to knit with it – but for that price it was mine!

Kureyon is 25m shorter length than the Silk garden lite I knitted my own cowl in which means this one is a bit shorter and its also a bit more of a tight knit making it denser which is nice for the cold weather. I would never chose natural colours of browns and beiges to knit something for myself but I really like to colours of this, especially with the flash of purple.

Its tempting to keep it but then Christmas presents would never get knitted!


I ‘ve this pattern so much for it being a quick knit I’m going to see if I can get one made for my dad too. Might have to make the colours a bit more subtle…


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