Chilli Christmas

In a mad rush to the finish line of Christmas and knowing I have 2 – yes 2- unfinished knitting presents to get through, I thought I’d better do some quick presents. A friend had given me a very large bundle of chilli’s which were never going to be eaten before they went mouldy so I decided to make chilli oil as presents.

I tried to air dry them to save money and so strung them around the kitchen, but after three weeks some had started to turn blue and others were not drying. Perhaps my house isn’t warm enough. So last weekend I gave in and chucked them in the oven on a low heat, where they spent about half the day drying slowly. (I bet that was a big increase in my gas bill!)

I then heated 500ml of sunflower oil at a time gently, with 3 whole dried chillies and 20mg of chilli flakes. Once the oil has been on the heat for about 5 minutes it will start to turn red, at which point I let it cool before pouring carefully into sterilised bottles, and then doing another batch.

Phew, that’s some of the presents done now! Back to the knitting…..

IMG_2340 IMG_2341

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