I like a good challenge – but a sewing one??

I’m not the kind of person who passes up an opportunity to participate in a challenge, (unless it is going to break me physically or financially). So when Helen suggested the knitting group undertake a patchwork challenge I was hooked. No that’s the wrong pun, I mean I was stitched – oh never mind.

I don’t sew very often, so when there was discussion about solids, blenders and sashing, I was a bit confused.

So here is the challenge:

Each month I will get a new patch work pattern to make, which I will repost here so that you can follow my feeble attempts to sew and have a go yourself (and put me to shame). The only rules are that each will comprise of 3 different fabrics – what I choose to make them out of is up to me.

Frankly this was all too much for me when I was faced with a wall of bright and gorgeous fabrics earlier today; lets face it, the only fabrics I usually buy are those that are loud and full of cute pictures.

So in order to not end up with a jumbled mess at the end, I am making each square out of 3 different fabrics from the same colour so that by the end of the year I will have a rainbow. The background will then be neutral colours.

Having applied a bit of thought to this (I’ve already worked out sewing will require a lot more thought from me that knitting), I am going to do them in this order with colours inspired by the months. I realise looking at this I have decided on my colours based on my garden so I might share the progress in my garden too:

January – dark blue

February – violet (that’s when crocus’s appear in my garden)

March – yellow (daffodil month)

April – blue-green (it rains, enough said)

May – lime green (new leaves and fruits appearing)

June – dark pinks (flowers appear in my garden are usually shades of pink)

July – green (the grass needs mowing)

August – purple (my favourite colour for my birthday month)

September – yellow-orange (leaves are turning)

October – Orange (pumpkins)

November – burnt oranges (autumnal)

December – Red (Christmas!)

I’m thinking if I base it on this then I can’t go far wrong, but I’m sure a colour wheel won’t stop me making a mess!


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11 Responses to I like a good challenge – but a sewing one??

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  2. I’ve been wanting to get more into sewing…so I think I will try to follow along with this challenge – this should be interesting!!!

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