2015 New Year Challenges

Happy New Year Everyone! I don’t do new year resolutions, but I fully intend to achieve these challenges in 2015:

– knit something pretty every month. I am not being too prescriptive with this but aside from lovely things for me and friends, should include Christmas presents started before summer so I meet the deadline next year, (my brother’s socks will now be a birthday present I think). I’ve not done well this year with knitting but I will do more next year

– try to knit from my stash when possible. There’s no point pretending I’ll not buy yarn in 2015, but I have a lot of gorgeous yarn so I should try to use some of it

– read a book a month – I really love reading. I did English at University and spent 5 years of my life reading novels from all over the world and from many different periods. That feels like a lifetime ago and with 2 hours of my life each day lost to driving to work I don’t seem to have time for reading. So I will find time.

– sew a patchwork square once a month. A challenge in itself. See this post

I expect to find this a challenge, but that half the point!

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