Fly away Dreambird

I started this shawl a very long time ago. I’m not one for letting WIP’s stay on needles for very long as it irks me to have unfinished things. Dreambird shawl though has been on my needles since June so it felt important to finish it and have something fresh to start for the new year.

The endless short row shaping makes the garter stitch more interesting but it makes it impossible to knit in the pub with friends as I constantly have to count. One of the reasons its taken so long to knit.

Its also been the main project that has seen me through a summer of self discovery. I’m calling it that, there was a hell of a lot of tears and at times I was definitely circling the whirlpool of depression, but I can sit here now saying it was a summer of self discovery. And a hell of a lot of holidays!

So this shawl has been there, to knit in between, drive me crazy and cover me in fibres (the alpaca is gorgeous but shed fibres a lot). So I wanted to cast it off and say, I’m done. Its a bit short so will need a shawl pin to wear it, but that’s ok.


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4 Responses to Fly away Dreambird

  1. taphian says:

    really beautiful piece

  2. omg it’s stunning! such beautiful work 🙂

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