Hell’s bells! Another mystery KAL!!!

I loved Ysolda Teague’s last mystery knit along, and while my head was mush at the time I really enjoyed the distraction of not knowing how the shawl would turn out and having options to choose to knit. I’ve always intended to knit another using the other options but never got around to it.

So when I spotted she had launched another on Ravelry, I was immediately excited!

Check it out here: pattern link.

The first ‘clue’ is released Jan 19 (but you save £1 if you buy before then) and over 5 weeks the pattern will grow with the last clue released 16th Feb. I’m not sure I have enough time to knit at this speed but I’m going to try.

Hell’s bells! My New Year Challenges are getting complicated! I’ve not even managed the January sewing square yet!

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