January patchwork done….phew!

Ta Dah!!! My January Patchwork has been completed!


As a quick recap – I’m joining some of my avid sewing friends to create a different patchwork square each month, and I’ll be posting the pattern links on here if you fancy joining me. Or just having a good laugh at my attempts.

I have to admit this Dutchman’s puzzle square took me a lot longer than it perhaps should have since I have never done patchwork before and had little idea what I was doing. Or had little idea how frustrating patchwork could be. I mean how can 3 1/2 inch square pieces of cotton be so annoying?!

I have also discovered I’m not a great fan of triangles…… they are the most annoying shapes….I’ve made all kinds of errors with them, the worst being missing points. Grrrr.


And I’ve had fun sewing too, when I realised that I need to consider unpicking that last attempt. Grrrrr.



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7 Responses to January patchwork done….phew!

  1. Yay! It looks great!! I also had the problem with disappearing points and thus I’m not a fan of triangles either LOL Your fabrics have great contrast, I really like it 🙂

    • That is not cheating …… that is creative thinking! I am busy on other projects but I am following Tinkerbellknits with great delight. Isn’t uTube amazing for us working quieting away in our own spaces with our questions and queries instantly answered (well, mostly)!

  2. I wanted to share a technique that I just tried and had FANTASTIC results with…it’s called paper piecing and until yesterday I really didn’t understand it. I watched this wonderfully easy instruction on YouTube (a couple of times) and then tried making the Dutchman’s Puzzle again using that technique – the squares turned out BEAUTIFUL! The bonus is I didn’t have to cut the fabric to size before hand and I didn’t have to worry if I was sewing with the proper seam allowance (I recently realized I was not!). Anyway…take a look at the YouTube video and see if it’s something you want to try…take care!

    • Wow, this is like being shown how to cheat! I think I’ll have another go at my square and see if it comes out neater doing this. Although my first challenge will be printing the paper pattern correctly and knowing which order to sew them in!
      (perhaps you should be in charge of a quilting challenge?!)

      • LOL, I kind of felt like I was cheating too…but for a beginner this is SO helpful. I was getting frustrated and felt like giving up, this allows me to keep sewing (which hopefully means I’ll get better at it) and eventually I won’t need the paper outline – at least that’s what I’m telling myself.
        Oh my, in charge of a quilting challenge? no, no, no…couldn’t even fathom that! LOL

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