I think a meditation pouf is required

I’ve so far managed to maintain an air of zen about me this year. Until yesterday, when I blew my lid for no reason at my parents. Dad had only come around to do some DIY for me and I started screaming, frustrated with the world. Ungrateful monster I am. Especially when Dad was lovely enough to hug me while I cried and then left me in peace. Mum wasn’t quite as sweet but that’s because she has the same ability to scream and I don’t think she picked up on the fact I wasn’t really screaming at her, just screaming.

So after sitting quietly and stewing about how much of an ungrateful monster I am and how I should really learn to be thankful, I had to take myself off to the local yarn shop for lunch and wool. There was nothing else that was going to cheer me up.

So I decided if I was going to buy yarn then I am going to knit a meditation pouf, so next time I rant I have a cushion to sit on when I banish myself to the naughty corner.

I found the pattern via facebook and it comes from The Mirror online, not a newspaper I would ever spend my hard earned cash on, but I’m not about to turn my nose up at a free pattern!

I’m using Stylecraft weekender yarn which although its 100% acrylic is actually really nice to knit with. So while I hope I don’t blow my lid again (especially at my parents) I will at least have something lovely to sit on now.


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