February patchwork challenge – triangles anyone?

Despite protesting how much I hate cutting and sewing triangles, my friend has released a beast for the February patchwork challenge. Apologies, if like me you are a novice patchworker – this one looks tricky.

Union Square

The quilter’s cache pattern looks tricky to follow to me, and there’s an awful lot of triangles to get wrong.

I’ve also found this pattern link, which is a bit easier to follow and also demonstrates the amount of colour variation in the design.So you don’t necessarily have to stick to the layout of colours in the image. Frankly there are two many colours on this second pattern for me to cope, I’m going to stick to just 3.

Good luck with sewing, I’d love to see your completed pieces. I might be late posting my version as this month is a bit hectic and I know this is going to take me ages.

If you missed January’s challenge square, here’s the link and another one.

(My friend is a fantastic quilter by the way you should check her stuff out at The Magpiecat).

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10 Responses to February patchwork challenge – triangles anyone?

  1. oh my…this one looks really tricky! I’ll definitely have to take my time to get this one right. I’m going to search for a paper piecing pattern for this (keep your fingers crossed!).

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