I can’t paint, but who cares?

Saturday provided a lovely day to catch up with a friend I’ve not seen since Christmas and use the Christmas present she bought me – a voucher for a day painting pottery. I have to be honest, I thought this would be an activity just for children (and I wasn’t wrong, there were a lot there). I also knew my painting and drawing skills are basic so whatever I created would be on a par with their work.

We had a lovely couple of hours painting away and nattering. I opted for a dish without the faintest idea of what I’ll use it for, (and as you can see I’m so terrible at drawing I felt the need to pencil the design on first.)

So thanks to Miss Rainbow Row for an afternoon of painting and food. I just have to wait to get it back after its been glazed and fired in the kiln.

10891544_10152750441088892_4390356960838494168_n IMG_2597 IMG_2601 IMG_2605 10361459_10152750441178892_6695638623189925453_n 1385952_10152750441223892_2548886028437366144_n 10945032_10152750441268892_5160281681138263167_n

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