Meditating on January

All in all January went well in terms of completing my challenges. I’ve finally got around to stuffing my meditation pouf today. Whilst the yarn didn’t come out of my stash, (oops!) I have recycled an old cushion for the stuffing. The cushion was starting to get a bit thin and lacking shape and structure so I cut open the inner cushion pad and used the fibre to stuff the pouf. It perhaps could have done with a bit more filling, but I don’t have another cushion to butcher and I don’t want to have to go out and buy filling either.


I did have a lapse in control yesterday and bought two jumpers worth of wool as there was a sale on, so I failed on the challenge of reducing my stash. Oops.

I finished my January patchwork challenge and whilst I’ve discovered I hate triangles I did enjoy learning new skills. Despite it being my first attempt at patchwork I am crazily thinking of making my best friend a whole quilt as a wedding present. She is getting married next summer so I have 18 months to make it and change my ideas (or mind!) along the way.

I’ve also done well with getting back into reading, though that’s been helped with the on-off snow we’ve had which has meant a lot of my commuting has been on the train instead of driving – providing loads of time to read.

I’ve finished: Eat, Pray, Love – a hangover from last year in more ways than one in that I started it around the Christmas holidays and have certainly been living some of the madness in the book in the last 12 months. So it was a great read but I guess only because I could relate to it.

I’ve also read Gone Girl – recommended to me by a few people but ultimately made the list as the Tea and Tarts WI book group had it as their January read. I have to admit I hated the characters, they are annoying, shallow and Nick is an idiot. But the book is a good read and I like the twists. I’d recommend it – you don’t always have to like characters to like a book.

So all in all a good start to the year!

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One Response to Meditating on January

  1. iknead2knit says:

    The pouf is amazing! I must make one!

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