Getting a bit cocky with a KAL

When I’m not making a mess of sewing I’ve been just about keeping up with the Ysolda Teague Knit along – Follow your arrow 2.  But having looked at some of the lovely design that the other options were creating I decided to do both of the clue 3 patterns. So at the start of week 5 I am only just on the week 4 pattern, after having to do some careful maths to make sure I’d be able to do the pattern repeat in the right place.

There’s some very quick knitters doing the KAL so having already seen clue 4 finished on the Ravelry forum, I knew which of the two options I wanted to do and the second clue 3 I’ve done looks like it will work well with clue 4. But I will end up finishing the section with more stitches than if I’d just stuck to the pattern, so I don’t know how that will affect the final clue.

Nevertheless it is taking me about 15 minutes to knit a row now there’s so many stitch so I have a long way to go till I catch up with the KAL! (Picture shows both of clue 3 options)


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