Sewing the right pattern for February’s patchwork

Having managed to make a total disaster of my first attempt at the February patchwork challenge square – or rather the wrong square – I found time on Saturday to attempt the right pattern. I hate it when things beat me, and having made the bold move to put this on my little blog there was no way I was going to give up in February.

Thankfully this one is loads easier!

I did have a little sweat when I’d sewn the inner square and had uneven edges, but then reminded myself that they’re hems.


The finished square is certainly a little bit plainer than the other Union Square pattern I attempted, but I do like this design more and it was certainly easier to sew!

(Thank God for that, as I’d been thinking about making a quilt for my best friend’s wedding next year and if I got stuck on February then that was a project that was never going to leave the drawing board!)


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3 Responses to Sewing the right pattern for February’s patchwork

  1. Good for you not giving up! I haven’t even attempted it yet so it’s nice to hear that it’s not too difficult. I looked for a paper piecing pattern for this but I can only find it as large as 9″ so I guess I’ll just have to do the cuts & piecing myself. Yours looks lovely! I really like the pattern fabric in the middle – fun!

    • Its not actually that difficult to do, but it took me a while to work out that page 3 of the pattern is where you will find the starting amount of each fabric you’ll need! I’d have liked more of the patterned fabric to be on it, but I had very little left after my failure with the other block, but I’m still pleased with it.

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