March Patchwork Challenge – For all abilities

Spring has sprung and the crocuses are finally poking their way out of the ground and creating a purple carpet on the dullest section of my drive to work. They really make me smile.

I did not have the same reaction to seeing the March patchwork challenge which was sent around our knitting group last night. Frankly, my first reaction was an expletive or two. Thankfully it was quickly followed by a second option, (which I suspect is for my benefit since I’m the one who grumbled the loudest about the difficulty of the February challenge).

Since I have two options – and the first looks horrendous – I am going to share both. I might have a go at the first but I’m not liking my chances of completing it accurately.

The Nine Patch Frame 


Did you make the same wide eyed horrified face as me? I’m not sure I’m that keen on all the cutting from templates and the margin of error that creates. I’ve seen this version, but this is a hell of a lot of sewing, which could lead me to errors too.

If you might need something less challenging and less likely to induce swearing and consumption of alcohol, then there is also this option –

The Nine Patch Variation


A little bit of me thinks this one is a bit easy though so I might just take a deep breath and try the first one. I’d love to see your March blocks so do let me know how you get on.

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8 Responses to March Patchwork Challenge – For all abilities

  1. oh my…I can think of a few expletives myself :-/
    I’ll probably give it a shot but I’m glad there’s another variation 😉

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